/ˈfɪlət / (say 'filuht)

1. a narrow band of ribbon or the like bound round the head or hair.
2. any narrow strip, as wood or metal.
3. a strip of any material used for binding.
4. Bookbinding
a. a decorative line impressed on a book's cover, usually at the top and bottom of the back.
b. a rolling tool for impressing such lines.
5. Architecture, etc.
a. a relatively narrow moulding with a plane face, as between other mouldings.
b. the flat top of the ridge between two flutes of a column.
6. Also, filet. Cookery
a. a strip or long (flat or thick) piece of fish or chicken, especially such as has been detached from the bones or adjoining parts.
b. the standard cut of beef or pork which is the portion from the underside of the rump and sirloin, containing little fat and no bone.
7. Anatomy Obsolete a band of fibres, especially of white nerve fibres in the brain; lemniscus.
8. a raised rim or ridge, as a ring on the muzzle of a gun.
9. rock fillet.
verb (t)
10. to bind or adorn with or as with a fillet.
11. Also, filet. Cookery
a. to cut or prepare (meat or fish) as a fillet.
b. to cut fillets from.
{Middle English filet, from French, diminutive of fil thread, string, from Latin fīlum}

Australian English dictionary. 2014.


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